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  • An individual that attended a “coronavirus party” in Kentucky has now tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 
  • The party was held as a way to push back against directives from health officials to engage in social distancing and remain home. 
  • It’s unclear how many people from the party may be infected. 
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At a time when millions of people across the United States are taking drastic measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus , holding a large gathering specifically because health officials advised against it is, well, idiotic. That didn’t stop a group of revelers in Kentucky from doing just that, and their so-called “coronavirus party” might further the national health crisis now that one of the attendees has tested positive for COVID-19 .

The individual, who is reportedly in their 20s, was one of many who attended the themed party. The purpose of the party was to give a big middle finger to health experts and government officials who are urging everyone to avoid gatherings and group events. Well, it looks like that backfired.

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